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About Me

Every story has a beginning. This one is mine.

Hello, my name is Ma'ruf Ridho'i. I hail from a small town in Indonesia, a place where life is unhurried, and its people are warm. In 2009, I first found myself drawn to a world called the Internet. Those were exciting times! As you can imagine, those were the years when the Internet started shaping what we now know today. Cool designs, fresh color palettes, new trends, startups, mobile apps, standards, competition, investments, exits, and failures, of course. I was fortunate to be there and grow alongside it.

By 2018, I embarked on a significant new chapter. Until 2022, I was fully focused on creating websites, online stores, company websites, and apt and smart identities for budding companies. It was during this period that I realized my potential and further sharpened my skills, turning concepts into functional and appealing digital experiences. June 2023 saw me start a personal blog as a platform to share my knowledge. This was a logical step. I have a deeply personal and friendly relationship with every visitor to my blog.

The Nobel laureate in 1970 once said, "Work is what kills a horse. Everyone should know that." In light of this, I cherish blogging but also value the other sides of life when I'm away from the office and computer. My hobbies range from savoring delicious food to cycling, mountain climbing, cars, motorcycles, and travel. Rest and recharging over the weekend is what I need on Mondays - to be fresh and get back to work with vigor, without overload and fatigue. For obvious reasons.

This blog is a place for me to express myself, share interesting and useful things, and it is also my tool to greet the world. My hope is that the visitors, or friends as I prefer to call them, who pass through these digital pages, will find something meaningful, something helpful, and perhaps something that makes them smile.

So, welcome to my corner of the Internet. Let's learn, grow, and enjoy this journey together.